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Social Distance in Patagonia Chile

As a member or future member of the Eko family we wanted to update you on Covid-19 pandemic on as it impacts our business.

We always make the safety of our guests and our staff a top priority.  We will take even more precautions to thoroughly clean and disinfect equipment and common areas in the lodge and cabins to make your experience as safe as possible.  Cabins, lodge and equipment receive daily cleaning from out staff.  These practices will evolve as advisories change and more best practices are formed.  If you have suggestions for your experience please do let us know.

If you are looking to book with us now or at some point in the future we strongly advise booking a travel insurance policy immediately after booking your trip and looking into cancel for any reason coverage as that, in most policies, is the only coverage which would cover cancellation for Covid related reasons.

While we are all going through turbulent and unpredictable times now we are hopeful about our future in Patagonia and believe that our inaugural season is going to be a wonderful one sharing the experiences of Chile Patagonia with you.  We are looking forward to making those treks to glaciers, casting dry flies to hungry trout, soaking up the peacefulness and toasting to a wonderful day of adventure on our terrace as the sun sets over the granite hillside.

NOTE – The vast majority of outdoor travel related businesses, like ours, are small family type businesses of people doing something they love. Please help ensure your favorite companies are around to adventure with you in the future by delaying your trips instead of cancelling them. Even consider booking trips for 2021 and beyond to help your favorite small outfitters. This will help make sure these businesses are around to serve you when this is all over.

Please let us know if you have any questions and we look forward to talking with you and seeing you soon in Patagonia.

David, Maria and Jorge


Our cabins collect and filter rain water to reduce our consumption from the well. All of the grey water of our lodge will go through a treatment plant that will make this water reusable for irrigation and grey waters.

We use solar and wind energy wherever possible, with the aim to completely offset our consumption one day.




We hire locally and buy locally – Aiming to provide farm to table ingredients, harvest local talent and purchase consumables that benefit the locale: from the soap we use to the wool blankets you will cozy up to.

Clean air

One hard decision to stand behind in our conservation efforts, was to not use wood to heat the cabins, though the look and cozy feeling of the traditional Patagonian wood stoves would provide for a local experience, they are also the #1 pollution agent in the region.
So we are using more modern ways to keep you comfortable while you visit.