Patagonia, Chile and Pacific Northwest ,USA

Welcome! We are glad to offer our services to help you find the perfect property or investment in Patagonia or the Pacific Northwest.  We have over 40 years of combined experience and specialize in helping you realize your dream property, second home or business investment for your preferred activity, region or interest.   As consultants we are able to work for you and alongside your preferred real estate agent or you can contract directly with someone from our team.

See below for some of our consulting services:


Property research and analysis, Property marketing and selling, Property Investment analysis, Site visits, Property tours, Drone pictures and videos, Commercial property lease or purchase analysis, Off-grid and rural construction and development, Shipping container construction.

Fly-fishing and adventure lodges

Business model analysis and purchase analysis, Construction and development analysis, Land and tree harvest valuations and sustainability, Local and international site visits and community analysis, Engagement with community officials.

International investments

Land acquisition, land development, permitting, legal, construction, up-cycling shipping containers, resource management, property marketing and selling, property buying, lease and property negotiations, financing and many other aspects of the real estate transaction in rural Patagonia.

We pride ourselves on being experts in the communities we serve by continually learning and understanding the culture of the regions in which we operate. Contact us to learn more.

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