We are committed to preserving the beauty of the Aysen Patagonia environment and determined to have that reflect in every part of your experience.


We provide fully hosted multi-day adventures from our basecamp in Patagonia, including guided hiking/trekking, fishing and cultural immersion experiences in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Aysen Patagonia.

billy lake
billy lake

Adrenaline Experiences

Multi-sport activities, like kayaking Capillas de Marmol, will appeal to the more adventurous experience seeker.

billy lake

Active Experiences

There are several national parks nearby, including hikes that can be done in a day. Pictured is beautiful Cerro Castillo!

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Authentic Experiences

We believe your time in Patagonia should be more be more than just a trip to our lodge.


Happy hikers top of Patagonia mountains


The types of water to fish in Chile Patagonia are as varied as the number of flies in your flybox. So, you can be sure to never fish the same place twice, unless you need to go back for the one that got away!

billy lake


Eko guides accommodate all skill levels and will customize the itinerary based on what kind of experience you are after, and what level of adventure you prefer.

billy lake

Walk / Wade / Boat

Within an hour’s drive we can have you fishing for wild brown and rainbow trout in a beautiful lake framed by the Patagonian mountainside in the morning and then head to a crystal clear walk and wade river for some spot and stalk evening dry fly fishing.

Private Cabins

Eko Patagonia has four luxurious and independent cabins, all lake front with amazing views.  The lodge is a common area for making connections and telling stories after a day of adventuring and exploring the Aysen region.  Enjoy expertly prepared meals accompanied by hand crafted drinks and expertly selected wines.

billy lake
billy lake

ecol·​o·​gy | [ēˈkäləjē]

Definition of ekology

1a branch of science concerned with the interrelationship of organisms and their environments.

We are committed to preserving the beauty of Patagonia and we are determined to have that reflected in every part of the Eko experience.


Our Story

We founded Eko because of the genuine echoes you can experience in solitude and serenity visiting Chile Patagonia.  We want to protect and preserve this rugged land for generations to come.

Eko Patagonia is on a mission to offer immersive travel experiences from our lakeside base camp in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Aysen Patagonia.

Inspired by my exchange student experience in Chile, our fully-hosted, culturally immersive programs strive to balance adventure with authentic cultural experiences and foster connections to the essence of Aysen Patagonia.