Why Eko


We aim to create not a place to visit but a place to experience, in the best of comforts, surrounded by untouched beauty and connecting people to all that Patagonia has to offer. Our love for the region and the desire to protect this place and make experiencing its culture accessible to all who seek it is what drove us to create Eko Patagonia.

After over 36 years of combined corporate experience David and Maria left the tech world to chase this dream and dive into this magnificent adventure.  Whether its the best fly fishing experience, or trekking glaciers, joining us in local conservation efforts, volunteering in the local community, or simply creating space to reflect and relax… Get in touch with us to discuss what motivates you and we will make it so.

David Long


David hopes to preserve the Patagonia experience for generations to come. He is passionate about making the outdoors available to all who seek it, while creating opportunities for all to reflect on how they can make a difference in their lives.

The opportunities for personal reflection, disconnection and reconnection abound in Patagonia and David invites you to join him on the rivers of Patagonia and around the world.

Maria Fernandez


Maria grew up in Venezuela before moving to the states for her college years and beyond. Her first love is the pristine blue waters and warm beaches of the ocean, but she quickly developed a personal connection to the lakes, rivers, mountains and all the associated activities in Patagonia and can’t wait to share it with you all.

Jorge Zuniga

General Manager
Customer Experience

Jorge is our Chilean “host” father and he truly is the best at making sure your experience is Patagonia your way. He looks forward to hosting you and hopes he can tell a story or two about his fishing experiences.

Most off all, he wants to make sure your time with us exceeds your expectations and share in helping you creating memories of a lifetime.

Aware, Alive, Awake

David’s love for Chile started back in the previous century when he came as a Rotary International exchange student. He fell in love with the family centric culture, their joyful people and delightful food – not to mention the incredible wines!

A piece of his heart stayed in Chile always pulling him back. In 2007 he returned to Chile to connect with his Chilean family who had relocated to the Aysen region in Patagonia. It was on this trip that he knew it was a special place for him and one that he wanted to share. What he found in Patagonia was the perfect playground to his outdoorsman spirit: The vastness, the rivers, the fishing!

See the gallery below for a some of the photos from our adventures and experiences in Patagonia. 

“Patagonia is a magical place that caters to my love of the outdoors with mountains, lakes, rivers, fish, birds, glaciers, trees, clean air and pure water….just to name a few 🙂 I can already envision myself on the lakeside terrace with a glass of wine at sunset reminiscing on the highlights from the days adventures with our Patagonian staff and our guests.” – David Long