Experience Aysen Patagonia

Day 1 - Welcome to Eko Patagonia

Day of arrival


– Arrival to SCL, immigration and customs, transition to Chile domestic terminal.

– Depart for BBA on domestic flight arriving no later that 3pm (ideally)


– Meet your guide team at the BBA airport and load your gear

– Travel the ~1 hour to Coyhaique, taking in the sights along the way

– Lunch with the locals and enjoy Coyhaique town

– Travel 30 minutes to the lake

– Check-in, welcome beverage and relax in your cabin or enjoy time hiking in the area


– Rest and get ready for the next days adventure.

– evening photos at cabin if weather is nice


Day 2 - Carretera Austral

Day 2

– Breakfast at Eko Patagonia.

– Set off for a day of travel to the north of Chile

– 4 hours to Quelat or 2 hours to Cisnes


– Lunch.

– Continue exploring and either hike Quelat, fish Cisnes or dip into the hot springs near Puyhuapi.


– Dinner out and likely along the way.

– Return late evening to Eko Patagonia.

Day 3 - Cerro Castillo Trek

Day 3
Morning: – Breakfast early and meet guides

– Load into your 4WD with your trekking gear and ready to tackle the Cerro Castillo hike

– Drive the 2 hours to Cerro Castillo, marveling at the every change landscapes along the way.  Ooohs and aaahs as you reach the road descending to the trailhead


– Check-in with the National park, lace your boots and begin the beautiful hike to Cerro Castillo and its glacier lake


– Lunch at a scenic spot or restaurant, savoring a delightful meal in the outdoors.
– Head back to Coyhaique and rest on the drive back

– Arrive town and visit one of the local restaurants for dinner.


– Head to the lake and settle in to bed or enjoy a night cap



Day 4 - Aysen Patagonia Asado

Day 4
Experience the Asado


– Breakfast at the lake.

– Option 1, Guided fishing adventure on the plentiful lakes and rivers
– Option 2, Hike the epic Eko trails right in front of the cabins, 5mile and 1500 elevation gain.  Average hike time is 4 hours round trip.  Incredible views, flora and fauna on this hike.
– Option 3, Coyhaique town treasures

Later Afternoon/Evening:

Asado, a traditional barbecue, is a fundamental part of Patagonian culture. The aroma of grilled meats and the crackling of the fire create a sensory feast, embodying the heart of Patagonian heritage.


– Return to Eko Patagonia


Day 5 - Hike or Fish Aysen Patagonia Region

Day 5

– Enjoy a hearty breakfast to fuel up for the day ahead.


– Option 1, Embark on a guided fishing expedition to explore the diverse spring creeks, lakes, rivers, and streams in the region.  If the fishing isn’t enough to make your jaw drop with awe, the views certainly will.

– Option 2, Hike the Coyhaique National Reserve then spend the afternoon in Coyhaique town visiting the sites and the famous regional museum to learn about the history of the area.



– Return to the lodge as the day draws to a close, with memories of thrilling fishing adventures and breathtaking scenery.

– Dinner at lodge

Day 6 - Capillas de Marmol (Marble Caves)

Day 6
Discover Capillas de Mármol


– Rise and shine with an early breakfast to kickstart your day before embarking on your adventure.

– Depart for the captivating Marble Caves, a journey that will take you through the breathtaking landscapes of Patagonia’s wilderness. The drive spans approximately 3.5 hours, offering ample time to soak in the stunning scenery along the way.


– Arrive at the Marble Caves and prepare to be enchanted by their mesmerizing beauty. Take a break for a delicious lunch provided by our experienced guides, featuring locally sourced ingredients that highlight the flavors of Patagonian cuisine.

– Dive into your exploration of the Marble Caves, these stunning formations, sculpted by the waters of General Carrera Lake, create a surreal and magical landscape.


-Depart for Coyhaique and Eko Patagonia.


– Stop by for a dinner in town or return to the lake for a nice meal and chill at the lake

Day 7 - Do it all again

Day 7
Adapt to Weather and Conditions:

Patagonian weather can be unpredictable. We adapt the adventures and plans as needed to make the most of the days and optimize the chances of a successful outing.

Option 1, Cerro Castillo Las Horquetas or Estero Parada hike

Option 2, Visit the lakes and mountains in the local area with shorter hikes but amazing views


  • Breakfast with a local family and then explore a river, lake, or creek based on the prevailing weather conditions and fishing trends.
  • Revisit or visit areas that were missed on the previous days


  • Head to the chosen hike, activity or fishing spot, utilizing local knowledge and recent experiences to guide the decision.
  • Enjoy a satisfying lunch amidst the natural beauty of the location.


  • Return to Eko Patagonia.
  • Dinner.

Calafate Berries

Day 8

– Enjoy a hearty breakfast to fuel up for the day ahead.  

Late Morning:

– Head to the airport full of energy and memories 


– There is a saying, if you taste the Aysen Patagonia Calafate berry you’ll be destined to return to taste it again.  If you haven’t alread tried the Calafate before you leave we will make it so. 

“Patagonia is a magical place that caters to my love of the outdoors with mountains, lakes, rivers, fish, birds, glaciers, trees, clean air and pure water….just to name a few 🙂 I can already envision myself on the lakeside terrace with a glass of wine at sunset reminiscing on the highlights from the days adventures with our Patagonian staff and our guests.” – David Long