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We are committed to preserving the beauty of Patagonia and we are determined to have that reflected in every part of the Eko experience.
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Adrenaline Experience

KAYAK – Enjoy kayaking lakes, rivers and the ocean fjords.
RAFT – There are many rivers in the area where you can enjoy some thrilling whitewater experiences.
CLIMB – The opportunities for rock climbing in the area just abound; just within 2 hours drive-radius you have over 4 established sites: Cerro Mckay, Ensenada Valle Simpson, Muralla China.
BIKE – Mountain biking or road biking in the area provide incredible challenges and you are rewarded with incredible views and scenery

Active Experience

HIKE – Known for it’s breathtaking views, vast scenic panorama and varied landscape, Patagonia i’ts a dream to the occasional day hiker to multiday trekker. We have 3 National Reserves within 2 hours driving distance: Cerro Castillo, Rio Simpson Reserve, Dos Lagos Monument, Coyhaique Reserve along with others.
TREK – From Capillas de Marmol to the hanging Glacier of Quelat to the glaciers in Laguna San Rafael, Patagonia is a playground for finding adventures.
BIRDING – Chile has 493 species of birds, including 12 endemic to the country and 35 species that are globally threatened. Near our lodge you can look for the elusive Bubo Magellanicus – the biggest Owl of Chile; or his smallest cousing the Glaucidium Nana.


Authentic Experience

CARRETERA AUSTRAL – Every Eko Patagonia experience includes a Chilean asado Patagonian style.  We can’t wait to share it with you.

HORSEBACK – Horseback riding gets you into some wonderfully beautiful and private lakes and streams in Patagonia.  Go for a day trip and enjoy a great lunch.

RODEOS –  Ranching, sheep, cows, horses.  Rodeos in Chile are great time to mix with the locals and hear their stories.  May

CAMPO – Maybe visit with a local family to learn about their history of ranching and farming then enjoy a Chilean style lunch (almuerzo).  Maybe learn to sheer sheep the Patagonian way or learn how they work with the dogs on their ranch.

Please let us know what you would like and we would be happy to put together a proposal for you. Jorge is our Chilean “host” father and he truly is the best at making sure your experience is Patagonia your way. We look forward to hosting you.


Authentic dances, rodeos and asados

Join us in trying cueca (kway-ka) the national dance of Chile, which got its dances moves based on the loose interpretation of the courting rituals of a rooster and a hen.  Its fun to watch or you can  grab an handkerchief and give it a try.

Rodeos are a little different in Patagonia if you find yourself in town when they are happening. Its very impressive what the local cowboys can get their horses to do, and together with their dogs they can do almost anything.  You will never see a cowboy without his dog and horse, they are essential tools for livelihood in Patagonia.

Chilean asados can’t be missed!  We will be sure to serve you up a delicious meal and treat you to an afternoon of open fire cooking, eating and drinking like you’ve never experienced and won’t soon forget.



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“Patagonia is a magical place that caters to my love of the outdoors with mountains, lakes, rivers, fish, birds, glaciers, trees, clean air and pure water….just to name a few 🙂 I can already envision myself on the lakeside terrace with a glass of wine at sunset reminiscing on the highlights from the days adventures with our Patagonian staff and our guests.” – David Long