Experience privacy

Private accommodations Chile Patagonia

Peace & Quiet

Each Eko cabin has a private outdoor patio to breathe in the fresh air and catch a glimpse of the sun or rising fish!

After sunset stargazing on your terrace is the best!  There is virtually no light pollution here so the star gazing is amazing.


Your luxurious cabin will have everything you need, kitchen, bathroom and a place to enjoy a cup of coffee or drink while taking in the breathtaking views.

Want to turn up the heat or cool it down, it’s your cabin while you are here, do as you please.


Yes. Peace and quiet. We strive to create enough space for you to experience Patagonia and Eko in your own way…away from others if you prefer solitude in your own cabin.
You don’t have to worry about paper thin walls or the guy next door snoring loudly and keeping you up all night.

Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle

We are upcycling materials to help reduce waste – and we are most excited about our containers!
The main support structure of all the buildings in Eko Patagonia will be based on reitred maritime shipping containers instead of harvesting local wood…once you step foot inside you will be amazed!

We invite you to scroll through some of our construction pictures below.